Welcome to JoelKurtinitis.com – Principled conservatarian thought for a new generation of American!  My goals in writing are to glorify God, tell the truth, and provoke thought beyond mere reaction in those who choose to take time to read my posts.

The things I write are based on a few simple presuppositions, that I believe are universally true, though expressed in many different ways.

1) That government is best, which governs least.

2) That liberty and morality cannot be separated, for a culture to survive.

3) That a mindset of independence must be cultivated in each generation, in order for freedom to be preserved.

If you agree with these premises, I think you will be encouraged, challenged, and entertained by the content you find here. A new generation of American is ascending – one tired of the false dichotomy presented by mainstream left-right American politics, and tired of the hopelessness engendered by postmodern relativism.

Millennials are ready to crest that wave, and rediscover common sense truth.


Thanks for taking the time to visit my site, and please take moment to share with your friends and family via facebook and twitter.




2 thoughts on “About

  1. Joel, I loved your recent interview with Cruz that you had over a Chess game. Very revealing and you asked great questions. I’ve posted your interview on my blog site and on Twitter and Facebook. Keep up the good work! Kelly Hubbard – Orange County Tea Party Blog.com @OCTeaPartyBlog


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