*contented sigh* life is good.  Just basking in the afterglow of the most awesomest concert that I went to a couple weeks ago.  Yeah I know I already told most of you, but for the rest, I went to see Evanescence, Chevelle, and Finger Eleven in Council Bluffs last week.  It was an incredible show, and really Chevelle was the highlight of my night.  No backups, no sound effects, just raw talent.  One lead, one bass, one drum, that’s it. Super awesome!  In other music news, check out the Kaiser Chiefs’ new CD – looks very promising.  

So what else?  Oh I don’t know.  The weather is superb, which means for the moment work is superb too.  Church issues are still on my mind all the time, there are some dangerous views being profferred and in some cases being substituted for the faith of Christ.  Some of them are direct (and demonstrably errant) responses to the cautions given by some of us in some special men’s meetings last month. 

NOTE: “in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men…”

The more I look around the more I see symptoms of evident phariseeism all around.  It disgusts me, even more because I find it in myself now and then too; spiritual laziness and misallocated devotion to form and function in ignorance of, or opposition to, the Spirit of God.  Ignorance is often the key, too.  Knowledge condemns us, so we bury our heads in the sand, calling upon others to think and act for us, hoping we will be exempted from the consequences of our action or inaction.  I just keep praying that God will fill me with grace, not only for myself in my fights and failures, but for me to pour out to others when my patience wanes, and when my pride starts to “bite and devour” others, always with the best of intentions, in pursuit of truth.  On a brighter note, revival weeks was awesome (though generally disregarded as always), and I really can see a lot of undercurrent of change.  Not the type that will stand up and speak in council meeting (for the most part), but the type that will talk to you after council about where the Lord is leading individuals, and through them the church as a whole.  Anyway, I’ve rambled too long, probably long enough to get myself in trouble with several of my loyal subscribers. =)


P.S. Guess who’s in the final four… AGAIN.