I just saw it this afternoon and was an instant 10 in my book.  It’s going right up on my top movies of all time list.  It’s completely amazing right up to the end.  Off the charts, people. 

In other news, I’m housesitting, sick for the last few days but getting over it now.  I know I promised a recap of the church meeting for many concerned parties but since there’s now been two of them it’s taking me a little longer to prepare what might be considered an adequate summary.  Stay tuned, more to come!


 gators victory


BOOM BABY!!!!!!!!  This win makes Florida the first school in I-A history to take the national championships for basketball and football in the same year (oh and by the way they’re #2 this year basketball too… repeat?).  It occurred to me today that in the last five years Florida has posted:

-College basketball champions – UF

-College football champions – UF, MIA

-College baseball champions – UF

-NFL super bowl champs – TB Bucs

-MLB World Series champs – FL Marlins

top that.  I dare you. Oh and by the way, heartfelt sympathies to non-hackers Ohio State, Michigan, USC, and ESPECIALLY poor abused Notre Dame.  Yes Quinn, you did deserve the Heismann, but your team did not deserve to take the field against LSU.  Super congrats to Boise State too.  13-0 this year, you guys rock!Here are some figures for all you folks to cherish until next season.

-Chris Leak was 25 of 36 for 213 passing yards, 1 TD.  Heismann winner Troy Smith went 4 of 14 for 35 yards, no TDs, 1 INT, 1 fumble; sacked 5 times (of just 14 all season), 10 rushes for -27 yards.

-UF rolled up 370 yards of offense and a score of 41, holding OSU (avg. 430 ypg on the season) to 82 yards and two touchdowns, one of which was on the opening play.  UF led in first downs 21-8, and in possession time 40:48 to 19:12.

-OSU has not lost by this large a margin since 1997, before Tressel was coach.  Ohio State is 0-8 all time in bowl games vs. the SEC.  Tressel’s only two losses in bowl games have been to SEC’s Florida and South Carolina.

-The SEC went 6-3 in bowl games this year, PAC-10 went 3-3, the big twelve went 3-5, the big ten 2-5.


In other news, life’s good, folks.  pray for me this weekend, a lot’s going on that I’ll have to tell you about later cause I’m going to bed now!  Ah yes and I have devised a new state motto for Iowa!  I’m going to copyright this.

“Iowa – where hell freezes over!”

*sobs*  I’m having senior moments at 22.  Help me.

Once upon a time…(last week)

I was dropping off videos at movie gallery and didn’t feel like parking in the empty lot because I would only be there a few seconds.  So, I left the car running in the driveway in park and ran inside to make the drop.  There was only one other car in the parking lot, nothing like mine.  A newer, silver, Ford Taurus.  I dropped off the movies and walked back outside to my car.  I opened the car door, sat down inside, grabbed the wheel and started turning the key before I realized…. that I was NOT IN MY CAR.  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I got in a complete stranger’s car (which stranger was in fact staring at me out the front door in disbelief, while I stared back in equally horrified disbelief).  It took me a few seconds to confirm to myself that I had actually just done what I had done.  I just sat there a minute thinking, hmmmm is this real?  Am I really sitting in a stranger’s car because I failed to distinguish between a new taurus and an old rusty cavalier?  Followed immediately by an overwhelming sense of embarrassment.  I tiptoed back to my car with a big grin which REALLY must have been taken wrong by the rightful owner.  Then when safely in my old beater car I laughed my guts out.  I still can’t quite believe I did that.  On the bright side, if I’d known it was that easy, I’d have become a car thief a long time ago.

Peace out!