Okay, a couple more notes on the bowl games and then I’ll leave it alone. First of all, did anybody else out there watch the orange bowl?  That was the most amazing game.  If you ignore the sorry kicking and multitude of penalties, that is.  no. 3 Penn State is taken into triple overtime by no. 22 FSU… and barely won it by a field goal.  Most amazing fact of the game — PSU had mostly fourth and fifth year seniors.  23 out of FSU’s 29 main players were freshmen, including QB Drew Weatherford, who’s only seen half a season but leads the country in freshman stats.  And they almost pulled off the win.  With almost nobody graduating, FSU will add experience to it’s fleet defense and quick passing game, as well as recover several injured players to reestablish the run.   Next year FSU is going to rock, as anybody who watched the game can verify.   In other news, I’m planning on transferring to FSU next year to try out as their kicker… heck I’ve got to be better than those guys. =(

Oh, and the only other bowl note…Texas 41, USC 38


Okay okay.  Yeah I got tagged.  Five random things about me… I dunno, what the henry…?

1. I actually like a lot of chick flicks. 

2. I love watersports and I’m a great swimmer but drowning is the death I fear the most.

3. I often dream that I’m Spider-Man.

4. I was almost named Jamie instead of Joel, but my Aunt was pregnant at the same time and picked the name Jamie so I got the second pick name.

5. I’m left-handed but use a bat, hockey stick, and most instruments right handed. (go figure)

There!  are you happy now!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

BOOM BABY!  bowl season is here!  Though I feel sorry for Miami after last night’s drubbing, the story will be different for the other Florida teams.  I have plenty of bets riding on the Gators to beat Iowa.  This is the fun one cause all these yuppies from Iowa would still bet on the Hawkeyes even if they were going up against Darth USC.  Joel’s prediction:  FLA over IA 28-13.  Unfortunately, I don’t think FSU can pull off a win against Penn State.  The ‘Noles’ playing has just been too inconsistent, though they are starting to pull together better now that the qb issues have been resolved by Weatherford.  And FSU won’t be undersold, either.  Let’s not forget who just laid the smackdown on VA Tech for the ACC title.  The Orange bowl might still have some surprises.  We’ll just have to see.  Besides, with a fairly young offence, and an inexperienced QB with only half a season behind him, this year has been a rebuilding year for FSU.  I don’t think they’ll do much to stop Hali and Penn State for the bowl, but next year they will be a force to be reckoned with.  More to come after three days of hot-tub-tailgating.  =)  Hellooooo, ladies…..

P.S.  Naomi, please leave your hair alone, you’re starting to scare me.  You’re looking less and less like a norse princess and more and more like a mardi gras princess.