hey check out this story I borrowed from Amy’s site:  http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Beliefs/story?id=1403056

Totally scary.  The term “Christian” is becoming such a joke I’m almost embarrassed to call myself one.  Something to think about until I can gather enough free time to post more about the person of Christ, a subject I started like two months ago and haven’t had time to address again.  More to come…

Bah and a very Humbugish Christmas to all of you pagans who actually celebrate it.

Peace out! 

Okay so I’m just about to leave for work at 9 this morning and it’s -8 degrees outside, with a -20 wind chill.  And the sun’s out.  On the bright side, we’re getting our fourth big snow of the year tonight so I’ll be making more $$$ plowing.  THANK GOD FOR DODGE TRUCKS!!!