I’ll digress from my last post a little to address the disturbing number of new relationships cropping up.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for all you blissfully ignorant dating couples, but pardon me if I don’t run right out, save the princess in the tower, and ride off into the sunset.  I maintain my conviction that in all reality…

    LOVE SUCKS.  It sucks because it involves things like sacrifice and commitment.  Without those elements love decays into romance, the most useless and deceitful of all human engagements.  Real love is cannot be defined by words. Yea, even the “love chapter” of Corinthians can only proffer a view of love “through a glass, darkly”.  Love can only be defined by action.  Real love is not pretty, not nice, not romantic, not peaceful.  It is enough perhaps to observe that the ultimate display of love, its defining moment, involved nails, thorns, blood, mockery, pain, and death.  That’s why love is the key to the commandments, of holiness and godliness.  It is everything we don’t want to be or do.  It’s giving up everything we ever wanted for something better.  This is the kind of love that matters; the only kind that does.  This kind is impossible for humans to possess or share of their own will.  This is the love that no relationship can sustain outside of the infinitely accessible power of Christ.  Call me melodramatic, complicated, cynical, whatever.  My view of relationships has matured in the last couple years.  Finding love in people is hopeless.  I no longer look to people to give it.  People can come to mutually beneficial arrangements, but love is the fire from heaven that consumes the SACRIFICE.  Any relationship I enter should be with complete understanding that I don’t know how to love another person, and they don’t know how to love me.  I can expect to be hurt, betrayed, forsaken.  The other person can expect the same from me.  And people wonder why my view of relationships is cynical?  In two words, HUMAN NATURE.   Our warped view of love is decidedly utilitarian.  All this nonsense about “two souls meant to be one…” describes mutual need — an undesirable basis for love.  The Prestigious “Hichhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” says love is volatile and to be avoided at all costs.  I, for one, agree.  

Okay I’m going to try to type all this out with my newly broken wrist.  You have no idea how frustrating it is when your stinking splint keeps hitting the window key.  No worries, I just fell off a roof I was working on.  Nothing life threatening, just annoying cause I can’t play guitar, mandolin, or volleyball for about six weeks.  Or go bowhunting, which really blows.  Oh, well. Guess I can still go blogging…

The esteemed but hairy Mr. Jonathan Cannone has once again set the wheels turning in my head.  His last post reawakened the itch in me to dig deeper into the disgustingly overused question “what would Jesus do?”  Or, as the question has more become for me, who is Jesus Christ?  Each of us has to answer that question, just as the disciples did.  “Whom do men say that I am?”  The answers they gave typified different sects of society and how they viewed the Savior.  Peter’s answer, the right one, is the shore on which all the others break.  It’s so fascinating to note that Peter’s answer seemed to encompass all that was necessary to the person of Christ.  Jesus didn’t answer “yeah, I’m that, but also…”

“You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.”  The sentence speaks volumes.  The Son of God’s life was defined by imitation.  “These works are not my own, but as I see my Father do, those works I do.”   Similarly, our lives must be defined by imitation.  Who is Jesus Christ to me?  Generic answers abound.  Savior, God the Son, the Word, Redeemer.  All true enough.  But we tend to define people by more than relationships and careers.  Yes, Jesus is the Son of God.  Yes He is the Savior and Redeemer.  But people are defined by their lives as well, perhaps more so than the others.  Just what kind of life defines Christ?  The more I ask myself that, the more I am shocked to find that most of Christianity today would not even recognize Jesus if he were here. Even more frightening is the fact that he would probably face persecution and spite from most professing Christians.  Perhaps most telling of all, I belive it is safe to say that if Jesus showed up in almost ANY Sunday service today, WE WOULD TRY TO CONVERT HIM.  He would be ministered to, invited to ice cream socials, talked to about his condition, and informed that his life would be improved by prayer, bible reading, and regular church attendance.  If you don’t think that’s what would happen, watch the response next time a homeless guy walks into your church. 

What characterized the life of Christ? Got one for ya.  If Jesus were here today, would you be most likely to find him: a) raising funds for Katrina relief, b) at a pro-life rally, c) around a campfire with a guitar, d) at a biker bar,  e) raising his kids on the family farm, f) in prison, g) other.   Why?    I think that every answer there is defensible in some way, but before I post my thoughts on it, I want to hear yours.  The answers to questions like this may hold more keys to the Christian life then any amount of abstract theological rhetoric. (no offence, Dr. Smith)

I’ll continue this incoherent babbling after a few hours of sleep and some ice on the ol’ wrist.


Well JoMo already posted with his news… (never have I heard someone so eloquently describe being stark raving mad) so I don’t have to worry about letting the cat out of the bag.  MAJOR KING SIZED CONGRATS TO JOMO AND KATYDID!!!  You guys are two of the world’s most awesome people!  Now if we could just get around that reformed theology and get you saved…  =P  I am so happy for both of you, despite my newly reinforced cynicism about relationships… well okay about girls.  Another one bites the dust, boys!

Envision Whirled Peas,


wow!  55 degrees when I woke up this morning, and of course my first thought is, “man it feels like hunting weather.  Don’t know if any of you other people experience this in the first cold snap of the fall, but it’s like the cold just goes right into my blood and awakens this killer instinct. I guess Josh doesn’t believe in that anymore.  Word has it he’s going through this weird suit-and-tie-I-wish-I-was-an-intellectual phase.  But I digress. 

Watch yourself, Bambi.  Bow season opens October 1, and me and my Matthews Ultra II are ready to rumble.  *grin*

… In other news, FSU sinks Miami to advance it’s standing while higher ranked Oklahoma, Ohio State, Iowa, and Michigan all suffer upsets on the college football scene.  

Joel’s dream season…….Texas and VA Tech both suffer at least one loss on the season, leaving FSU to face USC in the championship, where Florida State’s top ranked rushing defense grinds Reggie Bush into the dirt.   Hmmmm…. unlikely.  But I said it was just a dream, alright?

Love to all my homies!

YAY I’M 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am sooooo going to stagger in tonight with a six pack of coors under my arm, just to see what Mom and Dad’s reaction is.  If I don’t post in about six months, you’ll know what their reaction was. 

Wow. Survived my stupidity another year.  Yupyupyup.  And now I’m trying my best not to be 22.  Eating junk food and staying up til ridiculous hours of the morning sharing my joy on xanga.  Go figger.  Oh and happy birthday, Louisa!  You rock! 

Still hoping to get to VA soon in pursuit of my dad’s abandoned car.  Might even get to stop in and raid a few fridges in the Purcellville area……  We’ll have to wait and see.  Kudos to all you my friends who have undertaken another semester at PHC.  May your nights be short and your weekends long!!!

More later… no, really!