Hello world!  all’s well here.  Got FIVE orders in now, each worth more than $1400…. any of you fine ladies looking for a fun night out???  And working my tail off to keep up, as well as planning for VBS down at the mission in New Mexico.  Should really be fun.  I’m even making my own crafts for the class, here in the woodshop.   Amazing what you can do with some plywood and 1x4s.  Gotta get back to work.  Hope all my devoted fans are keepin it real!!!



Did you know that hair causes emotional trauma?  I came in last night totally down and depressed, and really having a hard time coping.  So I grabbed the clippers and the razor and……. ZIP ZOP!  Off comes the hair and by the time I was done I was giggling so hard I about fell over.  The smile has been with me ever since.  Comes back every time the do-rag comes off.  And I look like a big sexy biker.  And I can swim faster too.    You peeps should try it.  Except you, Steeg.

Hey peeples out there.  I’m back for a moment and have to update. Business is going great… more of those big fat checks… it’s beautimous!  Oh and I went and stayed with Naomi’s family memorial day weekend and it ruled.  Her family are all paranoid hyperyankee gun fanatics, but they’re rich and fun so it’s okay. =)  If only they’d been born in the south…

In other news, I’m going to New Mexico July 9 to teach VBS at the Torreon Navajo Mission.  I absolutely can’t wait.  Always thought I’d like to get into things like that, teaching, camp counseling, etc. (insert Earnest P. Worrell, “shaping young minds into a focused worldview… knowutahmean?”)  Tell me I’m not the only one in the world who loves the Earnest movies.  Anyway, that’s what I’m working on now.  I’ll have the 10-12 guys class, and have to put together a week’s worth of lessons, as well as crafts.  None of those stupid plastic butterflies in my class.  Wood!  must be wood!  Okay this carpentry thing is getting obsessive……..

Later, America.


P.S. Speaking of obsessions, I think I’m going to start stalking Nickel Creek.  They’re just so stinkin good! All you dopehead pop fans, go buy their CD’s.  NOW!